Your Questions Answered

What is a masterplan?

A masterplan is a long term planning document that sets out a clear vision for a particular area. It should reflect local and civic aspirations and plans, and include a delivery plan.

Why have a masterplan for the city centre?

While policy guidance exists for the whole city, it helps to have specific place-based initiatives and a framework for how the different pieces might fit together in the heart of Aberdeen.

How realistic is the delivery programme?

The Masterplan covers design, funding, business cases and delivery mechanisms, such as working with partners. It has the right balance of ambition and deliverability.

How do previous plans feed into or influence the Masterplan?

The Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan sets out the growth aspiration for the region and the Local Development Plan (LDP) describes how this might be delivered. The Masterplan, which was adopted by Aberdeen City Council in June 2015, aligns with both: it aims to create prosperity and deliver the necessary infrastructure, while enshrining good planning practice.

Will the Masterplan be updated?

The delivery programme will be continually monitored to enable the review and updating of the Masterplan itself. The Masterplan forms Supplementary Guidance to the LDP. Individual projects will be subject to the usual planning scrutiny.

Do I still have a say on the Masterplan?

Yes! Many of the Masterplan’s ideas were suggested by the public during a consultation exercise. In bringing forward and refining projects, the views of the public will be sought where appropriate. Engagement is critical to the Masterplan’s success.