Energy and More

“The city centre will reassert itself as the confident hub of a prosperous and liveable metropolitan city region. The number of city centre jobs will grow with Union Street West and North Dee Business Quarter established as distinctive office quarters, the Heart of the City with a distinctive retail offer and the creative, cultural and leisure offer raised to the extent that Aberdeen City Centre is considered a happening place to visit.”

Light of the North

“The majestic streetscape of Union Street, historic open spaces such as Castlegate and heritage buildings such as the St. Nicholas Kirk, will shine brighter with new activities.  A dramatic lighting programme that brings the city to life will be achieved. The confidence of the contemporary city will be further articulated in new cutting edge architecture.”

Connected City

“A dramatic reorganisation of roads will have reduced the current dominance of the car in the city centre and empowered residents and visitors to make sustainable travel choices. People will be provided with new spaces to linger and dwell including cafe spill outs on Union Street, music and theatre in Golden Square and an enhanced welcome to the city from the train station. Cycling and bus transport will be popular forms of transport.”

City for People
“The enhanced vibrancy, upkeep and overall attractiveness of the city centre will encourage more people to call the city centre home. The city centre residential population will increase in proportion to other areas of the city with high quality housing developments (including affordable housing) delivered at Woolmanhill, Queen Street and South Dee. The extended Union Terrace Gardens and River Dee waterside will become destination open spaces full of different activities and interest.”